Egbert is taking a short vacation

While I’m making progress on the new and enhanced version of The Tower of Egbert, I decided to allow the old version a little break and temporarily remove it from the Google Play Store. The main reason for that are some changes in privacy regulations for citizens and companies located in the European Union (and beyond). You might have already heard of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into effect on the 25th of May and aims at restricting the collection and distribution of personal information. Since I’m using a lot of third party SDKs for things like showing ads and in-app purchases and since it’s no easy task to ensure that all of them are in compliance with the new regulation I decided to play it safe and remove the game from the store (especially since the fines for non-compliance are quite substantial). It simply wouldn’t make any sense to invest a lot of time and effort into updating the outdated version that is currently available on the Play Store instead of spending it on the new one.

As before, if you want to ask or comment something feel free to do so in the forum.

PS: You’ll still be able to play the version you downloaded from the Play Store even after the 25th of May.