iOS Release Date & Final Testing

The development of the enhanced edition of The Tower of Egbert is nearing its end and I’ve finally set a release date for the new iOS version. It’s the 10th of October!

I’m also happy to announce that I’ve released a final beta version that is only waiting to be tested by you (free of charge, although the final game will have a price tag). What’s in it for me? Mainly, I’d absolutely love to see some of your creations, and show them to others before the release! Also I would like to get some feedback on the difficulty. What’s in it for you? Well, I operate on the premise that my game is hopefully enjoyable 🙂

If you are interested in taking part in the test, or show/look at some towers, or simply want to talk about the game, please join my new Discord community for the game:

Now, a few details on changes I made for this new release:

  • Beginning: The game got a lot easier to start into. So if you had troubles building something stable and nice before you should be good to go now.
  • Challenge variations: At the same time there’s a lot more going on in the levels for those who seek a challenge.
  • Collecting crystals: You don’t have to collect crystals anymore to complete a level but they are still there: you can use them to remove roofs and other obstacles or to buy flying blocks (there’s absolutely NO in-game-buying with real money). Also, they get you into the highscore lists – it’s up to you how big of a challenge you want.
  • Obstacles: There are obstacles to build around.
  • Number of blocks: They are all limited now. Don’t worry – I’m already working on the new creative game mode where all blocks will be completely unlimited.
  • Deco & color: Completely unlimited.

I know these are probably some challenging changes for those who loved the game as it was (thank you for doing so!). Still, I would be happy if you give the new version a fair chance! I also liked the game just as it was but changes were necessary (as described in posts before) and I actually enjoy the game a lot more now, and I hope you will, in the end, too.

I hope to welcome you soon in the Discord community!