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    Creative mode:

    Welp, that’s creative mode for you. I like that at any time I can freeze the blocks, that’s a nice addition. If you ever want my detailed breakdown of the new mode… I’d prefer a private interaction.

    I hope what we have will please some builders that just want to build.. Or effectively draw as the creative mode is much more of a canvas than a game. I enjoyed it.

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    Thanks, Yeah, keep coming back now and again.. Yes you can share the image, would be amazing if snapshot was the entire level, or at least a much large section. 🙂

    OMG, creative mode! can’t wait!

    Right now, if you place a block during the countdown just before Egbert freezes (but not after 0), when you start the next tier, you can “undo”. This undo gives you back all the blocks you placed in the previous tier. Handy bug as a hack to “creative mode”

    Also, world 3 level 3? unlimited is limited. 🙂 I’ve hit it a few times now. LOL I believe it is hitting the Unity height limit and the game acts as if nothing is wrong, but you can’t scroll beyond a point.

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    Here is a lil something

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    I would like to see more obstacles too. Also, maybe the goal is not height based but object, so like as collecting energy, a pink bubble is the target allowing a more variable zig zag.

    Your point about stacking tons of bricks and not liking it is well taken and 100% understood. And in fact makes sense for a competitive based player. There being two player types. on one side, you have that creative mindset, those that want to create a virtual Lego block tower. The other mindset is the competitive aspect.. Trying to please both sides of the house will be hard or impossible. I presume you have played 99 bricks? Similar games but different objectives. Always considered this the creative game while 99 the competitive game.

    Another creative addition would be to snap to adjacent bricks instead of the grid based snapping.

    Well I hope your changes are successful and bring in a new player base for you.

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    • Energy too abundant.
    • it’s a height race now leaving us with practically straight towers rocketign towards the sky
    • Not enough small blocks to fill gaps in
    • Lost creative outlet due to new heights, lack of blocks, to many large blocks
    • Missing having floating blocks in my inventory, now they are built into the level
    • lacks an infinite mode allowing you to just create(keeping game mechanics as is)
    • Your examples of letting physics do the work creating curvy walls from stacked bricks are beautiful, however this is not something I have done in practice

    Let’s solve some of this..

    • bring back unlimited blocks – this brings back the creativity and perfecting of your levels giving you the opportunity to back-fill
    • Give all blocks in inventory but charge energy for blocks otherthan the default two. – This solves alot of creativity issues and brings more energy management into the equation
    • Create an infinite mode – could implement pagination every 20 levels or something of that nature.

    you have done a fantastic job, I’ve paid at least once if not twice. It has kept be happy for spurts every now and again, thank you!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)