Lindworm Live Wallpaper

iconHigh12The “Lindworm Live Wallpaper” is the first project I created for the Android platform.
You can still download and use it: Lindworm Live Wallpaper

Did you ever wonder where all the stars that light up the sky at night have gone when you wake up in the morning? Well – wonder no more! Download this simple, stylish, and elegant fantasy live wallpaper and get a detailed (if maybe unscientific) simulation of what’s happening on the night sky after you’ve gone to bed.

Free Version Features:

  • A Lindworm: Your very own mystical creature helping you to keep your desktop free from all those nasty stars that are trying to occupy all the available space with their shininess.
  • Star counter: A permanent local highscore counter (will be reset if you upgrade to pro version), counting how many stars the lindworm bot removed since you installed the wallpaper.
  • The option to influence the lindworm’s movement by tilting your phone or touching the screen.
  • All the bot’s movements are calculated using a physics engine.
  • Many customization options (like changing the filling of the city skyline, the stars, and the lindworm bot, or choosing one of the neon/glow themes).
  • Various background motives (4 city/village skylines + 1 moon motive).
  • Pre-built color themes (from black & white to pink, or a neon/glowing blue).
  • Comic/cartoon style for all the themes and backgrounds (select the outline filling options).
  • And more…

Additional Pro Version Features:

  • Custom Colors! You may choose them separately for the lindworm, the stars, the skylines, and the sky by using a color-picker dialog (no restrictions on the colors you want to pick).
  • The option to choose your own background image from your image collection.
  • And more…

Have fun!