Asteroid Impacts

“Asteroid Impacts” is the first game I developed for the Android platform.
To the download: Asteroid Impacts

Use your dexterity and wits to guide various types of asteroids on their journey through outer space. Become the center of gravity and lead them to their ultimate goal – a planet’s core.
Stand up to the film and game industry that tells you to fight alien invaders and help them instead! Find out what happens if some asteroids actually reach their targets…
One outcome that is to be expected: a good time for you!
You are about to destroy dozens of worlds in almost 60 tricky levels using different types of asteroids and your brain to figure out how to do so. Prepare to get properly entertained by a truly innovative and intuitive way to control the scene, stylish graphics, and a novel kind of gameplay.


  • Free, give it a try!
  • Stylish & unique graphics (maybe comparable to the neon/glowing graphics style of Tron)
  • Adjustable to different device capabilities (3 levels of graphic-details)
  • 59 levels
  • Fitting audio support and explosion effects
  • Intuitive & innovative physics-based game controls
  • Enticing space levels set in a vast universe
  • Different asteroid types/zones/types of planets
  • Relaxed but challenging gameplay

Enjoy your journey!